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Family Events

When you have a family event, it can be a challenge to do something that involves everyone in a way that is entertaining, fun and memorable. But not with Game Show Events™. Our game shows and events are perfect for a wide variety of family events, including (but not limited to): Family Reunions, Wedding Receptions, Bridesmaids parties and Bachelor parties, Bar and Bap Mitzvahs, Church Events + Fundraisers

Game shows EVERY family or church member will know from TELEVISION make our events immediate fun everyone will talk about for years. And our content is highly customizable (meaning we can make it whatever you want customized to your family or church).

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Game Show Events™ Makes Your Event Easy, Fun, Dependable and Memorable
Ask about our Casino and Horse Racing events.
If your family or church wants 100% engagement in your event, ask about our Audience Response Systems (ARS) that allows you to poll the audience in real time at your events, adding to your engagement and passion during the event.
Call us anytime to get started planning an event like no one in your family or church has ever attended!

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We schedule events all across the country in advance. Games are available on a first come, first served scheduled basis. Let us help you plan a rock star event for your team and see how engaged your participants can be with customized content from you and our exciting game show events™.
POWERFUL VISUALS, engaging games and just plain fun that makes your family reunion, wedding or church event the most exciting event of the year!
  • Better engagement
  • Fun for attendees
  • Control over content that allows you to engage everyone in YOUR CONTENT
  • Make your family reunion, wedding or church event the most talked about event of the year with our game shows
What games shows are available for YOUR family, wedding or church event?
  • The Quiz Show Challenge™
  • Fabulous Feud™
  • The Challenge™ in the style of Jeopardy®
  • Spin To Win™ in the style of Wheel Of Fortune®
  • Price Check™ in the style of The Price Is Right®
  • Deal Or Not™ in the style of Deal Or No Deal®
  • Who Wants To Be A Winner™ in the style of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire®
  • Face Off™

Finally, An Event Company With A Clean Event.
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888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368)

Our team has 20+ years of experience with all kinds of events and we can give you an affordable customized event that wow your attendees with good, clean fun!

Call us now to see if we are available on your event date.

Your event will be the talk of the year with Game Show Events™. 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368)

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