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No One Appreciates Human Resources As Much As Game Show Events™

We know your company depends on you and your choices to provide all kinds of employee training and we give you a wide variety customizable training in the form of game shows that works, keeps employee attention and is highly effective. We will make you look good and provide training that is highly effective. Our 20+ years of experience providing customized training for some of the largest corporations and companies of all sizes all across the country will give you confidence that your next event will be meaningful, engaging and memorable for your employees. Your team will be amazed that you provided such high quality and productive training.

Highly customizable game show content inside the game shows YOUR EMPLOYEES know from TELEVISION that make our events exciting, engaging and involved with every employee.

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Game Show Events™ Makes Your Event Easy, Fun, Dependable and Memorable
If your company wants 100% engagement in active events during training, ask about our Audience Response Systems (ARS) that allows you to poll the audience in real time at our events.
Get your sales training, employee training, fundraising or party event done by the company with 20+ years of experience giving clients great experiences, wowing crowds and making corporate and business meetings productive and memorable. Our games and events are highly customizable and it all starts with a free consultation and price quote at Game Show Events™. See if we are available on your date now!

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HUMAN RESOURCES needs dependable events that help you accomplish your goals, and that’s what we do at Game Show Events™.
  • Better retention of training
  • More engaged employees
  • Control over content that allows you to train on the exact information you want to get across
  • Costs certainty that reassures you you’re getting the best and most dependable event for your purposes.
  • 20+ years of experience serving great companies and giving clients great events attendees talk about forever.
What games shows are available for YOUR
  • The Quiz Show Challenge™
  • Fabulous Feud™
  • The Challenge™ in the style of Jeopardy®
  • Spin To Win™ in the style of Wheel Of Fortune®
  • Price Check™ in the style of The Price Is Right®
  • Deal Or Not™ in the style of Deal Or No Deal®
  • Who Wants To Be A Winner™ in the style of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire®
  • Face Off™

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Our team has created excellent events for corporations, non-profits, companies of all sizes and even family reunion and community events for 20+ years all over the country and we can give you an affordable customized event that wow your attendees

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Your event will be the talk of the year with Game Show Events™. 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368)

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