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What is the true bottom-line on fundraising? Events are often unpredictable in their ability to generate dollars, they often don’t live up to expectations and almost never develop a contagious passion for giving that spreads during the event.

Game Show Events™ has programs that make it clear to clients the amount they have raised BEFORE they open the door for their event and before the first guest arrives! Imagine having certainty about fundraising so you can just enjoy the success of your event. You can do just that with Game Show Events™.

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Game Show Events™ Makes Your Event Easy, Fun, Dependable and Memorable
Our Game Show Events™ fundraising events give you a path for consistent fundraising you can depend on. We also provide a fundraising plan where our clients know they’ve reached the goal before the first guest arrives. You will also see more opportunity to grow FUNDRAISING TOTALS during your event from passionate participation by attendees, exciting events that are engaging for every person at the event, a passionate environment we create on-site that allows you to accelerate the giving, and an event that will have attendees asking for the event date next year so they don’t miss another chance to participate!
What Game Show Events™ opportunities are available for YOUR FUNDRAISING EVENT?
  • We have Las Vegas style casinos that will blow your mind (and that of your attendees)
  • Real Vegas dealers, tables and an environment that puts your attendees inside our casino
  • Our Horse Racing Event captures the imagination of attendees
  • We also can show you how to use our game shows to raise money
Our fundraising events include a step-by-step package on exactly how to maximize fundraising before and during the actual event.
We also provide companies and groups with a wide variety of other events based on the game shows you see on TV, including:
  • The Quiz Show Challenge™
  • Fabulous Feud™
  • The Challenge™ in the style of Jeopardy®
  • Spin To Win™ in the style of Wheel Of Fortune®
  • Price Check™ in the style of The Price Is Right®
  • Deal Or Not™ in the style of Deal Or No Deal®
  • Who Wants To Be A Winner™ in the style of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire®
  • Face Off™

If your group wants to know more from your attendees in real time, ask about our Audience Response Systems (ARS) that allows you to poll the audience in real time at our events, adding to your knowledge about the people most important to your fundraising goals as a part of the overall fun event.

Call us anytime to get started planning a fundraising event like no other your company has ever done. Lead your organization to higher fundraising with fun events attendees will be talking about for a long time! 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368) or email

We schedule events all across the country in advance. Games and fundraising events are available on a first come, first served scheduled basis. Let us help you plan a rock star event for your team and see how much you can enjoy raising more money with Game Show Events™.

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