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How do I book a show?
Call us directly at 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368). We would love to help you customize your event as we have been doing with all kinds of clients for over 20 years (1996).

How much does a show cost?
We offer a wide variety of packages and different levels of customization for your event. Our events involve as much imagination as you want and we can customize to your product, company or organization for any purpose or goal you have for your event.

How many contestants get to be in the show?
We have a wide variety of game shows. Our games are so much fun that you will participate in the audience or as a contestant. However, as any game show we perform with contestants, we swap in new contestants each round, and this is what our clients and contestants love about Game Show Events™! You can select your contestants before the show, or we have fun ways to select contestants as a part of your event.

Does the audience get to participate?
Absolutely. We engage the audience with all of our game shows and customize based on individual event needs.

Are there real prizes?
Yes! We can provide different levels of games depending on what the client wants. If you want prizes, we absolutely can provide them in each of the games. Our games are highly customizable in every way you can think of. We can discuss what your exact need is in our free consultation. 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368).

How does customization work?
We offer many levels of customization. We can create a game show that is essentially a game show you know about from TV, but we can customize your event with special content and questions/answers based on a product or your entire company, based on sales or team building. We can literally customize the game show and presentation in any way you wish.

Do you travel?
Absolutely! Most of our shows are mobile traveling shows. There are associated travel costs that will be included in your quoted price (we believe in pricing certainty for our clients with no surprises), based on how far we need to travel and for how many days, etc. These are things we will discuss when formulating your quote and contract.

Do you have insurance?
Yes. We wouldn’t consider doing this without it.

Is there a set for the game show?
All of our game shows have sets. Every one of them. Like everything else with us, we can customize the level of sets you are comfortable with or provide our standard sets.

What are the space requirements for the show?
Our game shows require different space depending on the game you order. We handle all of the logistics in advance. Again, we like certainty for our clients and it is our responsibility to gather information based on where your event is being held.

What about A/V elements?
If you or your event site already has an A/V set-up, as is often what happens, usually we can simply hook into what is already in place. However, if you need us to supply any of the required elements – microphones, speakers, a projector and/or a screen – we can easily provide that! The costs will vary based on what elements you need us to provide, whether it be one element or a full A/V treatment.

Can you do more than one show at an event?
Absolutely! We can also provide a discount for booking multiple shows for your event. If you are looking for trade show or convention entertainment that would include multiple public-facing shows in one day, we offer packages and special consideration based on the number of shows, and other specifics about the event. Ask us for details anytime @ 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368).

Do you do private parties?
While we specialize in corporate events, clients often return to us and asks us to a private event and we enjoy that, too! Our returning clients know we will customize content for a special guest or for any organization, school, marble-collectors society or annual meeting.

How do I find out if my date is available?
Click here and see if your date is available or just call us. We love talking with people about their events. 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368). We do suggest booking your show as soon as you know the date, to avoid losing an available slot.

How long of you been in business?
Since 1996.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes. Game Show Events™ is the holder of a business license and is insured with liability and property insurance coverage.

Are you easy to contact?
Yes. 888-61-EVENT (888-613-8368), email us: info@EventsAndGameShows.com. We are always available to contact directly through our website.

Our company is really different. Are your game shows and events really customizable?
Absolutely. We designed our event business to be custom from A to Z. This means that your event will be as customized as you want it to be and anyone attending will be seeing YOUR event.

Do you have references that I can contact?
Yes. After every event, we send out a evaluation form and ask for feedback on our performance. We would be happy to send you a few upon request. Or you can simply look under ‘testimonials’ on this website to see the wide variety of companies who have used our game shows and events successfully.

Can your productions be scaled for a variety of event types?
Yes. We have done small events to the super-large events in stadiums. If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Can your productions be scaled for a variety of audience sizes?
Absolutely. Again, our events are engaging and fun for any size audience and all of our work is custom. So, we basically design the event for your company or organization and the size audience we will be working with on-site.

My Event:

How much do you help to coordinate events?
This is our strong suit. When we say everything is customizable, this is part of that process. Over the years, we have found, that many events need some guidance. We help “host” the event by working with your caterer, photographer and other event professionals to keep all your guests entertained and involved. From pouring champagne to arranging a special announcement, we contribute quite a bit to how smoothly things flow.

Do you offer meeting planning service?
If you do not have a meeting planner, we have staff and affiliate relationships with professional and credentialed meeting planners.

We have a meeting planner or DMC (Destination Management Company) secured.

Do you work with professional meeting planners?
Yes! We work very well with meeting planners and other event professionals.

How far in advance do we need to book or secure your services?
Most clients booked their event with Game Show Events™ 8-12 months in advance. However, during off-peak seasons or dates, we book events as late as one month ahead of time. If you have a need, call us. Let us work with you to help you.

Do you act as M.C. (Master of Ceremonies)?
Yes. Most Game Show Events™ productions will include an M.C. to perform all necessary announcements as required.

Tell me more about the qualifications or experience level of your Master of Ceremonies.
All of our Masters of Ceremonies have experience as game show hosts and casino hosts. Many are also musicians and/or have experience as radio personalities, actors, even team building facilitators and motivational speakers. Our hosts / MC’s are among the most experienced in the industry and will make your event seamless.

When do you arrive and set up your equipment?
Punctuality is important to us for a variety of reasons, Typically, no later than one hour before the contracted start time, but we can arrange for your wishes based upon a phone consultation where we lay everything out in advance and customize it the way you want it. Most events, we prefer a minimum of two hours.

Will I be able to meet with you prior to my event?
Absolutely! If it is geographically feasible to do so, we welcome the opportunity!

How much do you help to coordinate events?
This is our strong suit. Over the years, we have found, that many events need some guidance. We help “host” the event by working with your caterer, photographer and other event professionals to keep all your guests entertained and involved. From pouring champagne to arranging a special announcement, we can contribute quite a bit to how smoothly things flow.

Can you provide music as well?
Yes! The large majority of our events include music. Because our work is highly customizable, we also have staff DJ’s and can even offer bands for your event. It’s really about what you want. We welcome the opportunity to share with you the options. It is likely we will add value to your event by providing music without an additional fee!

Do I have to provide your staff a meal?
We approach this as a matter of professionalism. We are not guests at your event. We are hired professionals. Many clients offer to feed us. Thank you in advance, but as a matter of company policy, we do not eat at events.

If needed, can you stay longer and continue longer than scheduled?
Generally, yes. There is a provision for overtime. Please discuss with us if you believe this may occur. We love a good party or celebration! Depending on the type of event, it is not uncommon for our clients to desire additional time. Due to our busy booking schedules, and in some cases logistics, and previously scheduled events, we may not be able to continue beyond the contracted time. As always, we can discuss and plan for timing in your consultation with us and plan to be there as you would like.

Will you play music during dinner or a meal?
Yes, if your event involves a meal, we can provide music. This can all be selected during consultation so your event happens exactly the way you want.

Equipment, Props, Staging, etc:

What does your set up look like?
A professional look is always important. Each event is custom designed for the needs of our clients and the specific game or event you select. We go to great lengths to make sure our setup is as unobtrusive, will not distract from the hard work, time and effort that is put into decorating for your event. We provide the event and you only have to provide the space or site.

Are there any banners or advertisements?
No. Generally, any signage will only be that of a specific game or package. There are never any obtrusive signs or banners to create distraction at your event. The one caveat to this is with clients who purchase a graphics package with us to highlight sponsorships, etc. In those cases, the graphics are professionally produced and presented at your event in a manner consistent with the pre-planning conversations.

Do you have back up equipment?

Do you use professional equipment?
Absolutely! All Game Show Events™ equipment is state-of-the-art. We use only the highest quality professional, industry standard equipment.

Do you have a wireless microphone for us to use and, if so, is there an extra cost?
Yes. If your event involves a sound system that you secure as part of the event, a professional microphone is included with the sound system. In that circumstance, there is no extra charge for microphone and it can be used for announcements, toast, meal blessings and presentations as you desire. If you secure a DJ, the DJ can and will be delighted to assist with customary responsibilities.


What will your entertainers wear at my event?
Our entertainers dress in accordance with the event Game Show Events™ is producing. Sometimes that details themed attire, sometimes business casual, a suit or tuxedo. All Game Show Events™ staff dress appropriate to the theme of the event. This will be discussed when we are learning about the event you wish for Game Show Events™ to produce.

Do you take breaks?
No. From the time the Game Show Events™ production begins, there are no breaks until the end of the performance or production, unless otherwise arranged with the client.

Will your staff drink at our event?
No alcohol. As a matter of company policy, no Game Show Events™ staff member will consume alcohol at an event. Typically, if anything, only water or soft drinks are consumed.

How are your Masters of Ceremonies / Hosts trained?
The level of experience of your MC is an important factor. Each Game Show Events™ entertainer goes through extensive training with us. Combined with on the job training, Game Show Events™ Hosts are the best trained in the industry.

Business practices and fees:

Will you pencil me in or hold my event date?
No. The nature of our event productions dictates that we must secure events with a contract based on a first-come, first-served basis. Game Show Events™ operates on a contractual basis only. Once you receive the contract, you will have exclusive first right of refusal for hiring Game Show Events™. Your game show or event will be customized in advance and those customizations will be in your contract. Once you have a confirmed contract, that is your event and event date.

Can you provide me with a written contract?
Yes. You will be issued a written contract specifying the details, customization and price for your event. We believe in pricing certainty for our clients so you don’t have to worry. The importance of a written agreement between both client and Game Show Events™ cannot be stressed enough. All terms of the event should be in writing to avoid any misunderstanding at a later date.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Currently, accepted forms of payment include cash, local personal check in advance, business check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. In some rare instances, barter may be an option. Please discuss with your Game Show Events™ consultant if you believe this is the best method for all concerned.

Do you deposit required a deposit to secure a event and date?
Yes, a 50% deposit along with a signed contract will secure the event date and time. The deposit is applied to the total bill.

Why is the retainer fee non-refundable?
Once Game Show Events™ accepts the retainer fee for your event, any other inquiries for that date will likely be deferred to consider another date, depending upon options available. Many times, due to client needs, another date is not an option. Therefore, cancellations can create situations where Game Show Events™ is unable to book another event. Most events are booked 8 months to 1 year in advance and the previously referred clients will have already found another solution for their event.

Once a contract is signed, can the event date be changed?
We accept changes in event dates provided the new date is available in our inventory. There is no extra cost to you. Beware of companies that may charge extra to change the date. These are often presented in a language such as a cancellation fee, date change fee or an inconvenience fee.

Can we cancel once a contract is signed?
We know plans can change. If you have to cancel, we will gladly hold your deposit as a credit toward a future event.

Do you charge extra for set-up or tear-down?
No. Set-up and tear-down (also known as ‘strike’, in the events industry) is included.

What about travel expenses?
There are no travel expenses associated within our geographic performance area. For performances outside this area, the client or other sponsor is responsible for travel expenses. If you are not sure what our geographical performance area is, just ask and we can discuss with you what is involved with transportation, logistics, accommodations, meal per diems, etc. Again, we believe in pricing certainty for clients so you don’t have to worry and all of this can be discussed in your consultation with us.

What is your price for my event?
Game Show Events™ specializes in the customization of events for each client. We do provide price certainty and there are a number of important factors that contribute in determining the success of an event. The price is based mainly on the day of the event, time of the event, location of event and type of event. Due to the broad range of events Game Show Events™ produces, a number of variables can make a considerable difference in the price. The best way to get an accurate price quote is to call the office to schedule a meeting or consultation. We want to make it easy for you to have a world class event.

Should I tip the staff, Master of Ceremonies, Host, Dealers, etc?
Game Show Events™ has a general philosophy to under-promise and over-deliver. If a Game Show Events™ staff member goes above and beyond your expectations, it is appropriate. It is not uncommon to tip the Master of Ceremonies, Casino Host or Casino Dealers.

Are there any surprises or hidden fees in your price quote?
No. All fees are included in the total amount quoted and there are no hidden charges.

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